Picture this: a private island, an army of elite generals, and a bold mastermind (that's me). I've hand-selected the most brilliant and daring soldiers to help me take over the Private Island. And it all starts right here, right now.

Let Me Tell You A Story, My Friend...

Once upon a time, I infiltrated the original Lazy Lions NFT mint with a plan to create something truly special. And I did. I crafted 80 lions, each one unique, powerful, and fiercely loyal to me. But, my plan was foiled - don't ask me how - and they were taken away from me to be locked up in the Ether.

I didn't give up. I found a way to free them, and allow them to be immortalized forever on the Bitcoin network, stronger and more savage than ever before. These aren't just regular lions - they are the generals of my army. So watch out Private Island, because Glitch's Army is back, and we're ready to destroy the metaverse.

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Private Island

Be a part of this unique event and have the chance to secure a guaranteed mint spot for an exclusive Lazy Lions Bitcoin Ordinal.

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